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Emerging issues in coffee industry


Agriculture CS Peter Munya flanked by CAS Madam Anne Nyaga CBS held successful public participation

In the discussions, farmers aired their issues that felt if taken care of, the sector will go back t

Farmers highlighted that this is due to middlemen(brokers) who take all the profits making the venture unprofitable. In the discussions, farmers said they were not spared by the COVID-19 as the market was affected by the closure of international flights. This pandemic coincided with the harvesting season. Farmers also asked the government to provide subsidized farm inputs. Also, the farmers complained of the delayed payments upon the delivery of their coffee to the factories. In response to these among others, CS Munya highlighted the new proposed reforms that touched on the Coffee revitalization program that will tackle issues from extension to soil testing that will lead to sustainable, soil appropriate subsidized fertilizers. The Coffee Revitalisation program is undertaking registration of coffee farmers. The program will lead also in the training and employment of the local youths as extension service providers. New KPCU was also explained to the farmers from farmer involvement during milling, Cherry Fund Revolving Fund(3% interest loans )meant for the farmer.

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Uganda’s coffee exports grew by 972,962 bags in 2020, a 22 percent increase from 2019.

But it is hoped that this new move would regulate distribution prices while ensuring that farmers r

The increase is the highest since 1991 according to Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), the country’s agency mandated to control and market the crop. Figures released by the UCDA show that exports for the calendar year January 2020 to December 2020 amounted to 5,492,525 60-kilo bags. Uganda earned $515.94 million from the exports. In 2019, the east African country shipped 4,519,563 bags, fetching $436.54 million. This represents a 22 percent and 18 percent increase in quantity and value respectively. In December alone, coffee exported amounted to 422,922 60-kilo bags worth $37.78m.

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